Every kid deserves a champion.
Let’s partner to make that a reality.

Milotso does its best work in partnership with organizations that share our mission of using the power of the athlete platform to make meaningful community impact. We deliver our program in close collaboration with schools, sports teams, and other organizations serving kids and teens. We also share our mentoring model with local community-based organizations that aim to support young people on the path to college graduation.

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We’re built on partnerships

We provide access to inspiring student-athletes who kids respect, look up to, and want to engage. Show your kids what’s possible and give them the tools and mindset they need to set and achieve their own life goals by integrating your program with ours.

We work with:

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Athletic Directors

looking for high-impact community outreach opportunities.

College Coaches

looking for innovative ways to attract high-character athletes, boost game attendance, and eliminate the logistics of coordinating program management.

Collegiate and Professional Athletes

looking for opportunities to become a mentor and maximize their impact.

Youth sports teams

Community sports strengthen neighborhood ties, keep kids active, and build camaraderie in communities large and small. Our program connects youth players with collegiate student-athlete mentors they look up to and aspire to be like themselves.

We know youth sports teams often struggle to maximize their impact on players. That’s why we partner with teams to supply the student-athlete mentors their kids respect as natural role models—demonstrating what greatness looks like in sports and school, along with the skills, courage, and a growth mindset kids can take with them into life.

Teach your players important values for succeeding as a team on the court and in life, through a series of in-person mentorship and life-skills activities that fit well into your schedule.

Ready to connect your team with student-athlete mentors in your community? Let’s talk about partnering.

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Schools and after-school programs

Looking to enhance your in-school or after-school youth program with a turnkey mentorship component? Local mentors are in high demand, but seemingly low supply. We’re fixing that by supplying youth-focused school programs with student-athlete mentors trained and eager to deliver life-skills training—all as a natural extension of your existing program.

Schools and their partners often find they need to complement classroom instruction and after-school programs with the guidance of trusted, authentic mentors who can supplement the development of both cognitive and noncognitive skills needed to succeed in school and young adulthood.

Milotso matches middle- and high-school students with committed college-educated student-athlete mentors equipped to guide their mentees on their journey to graduation and beyond.

Our curriculum emphasizes the importance of good study habits, continued education, navigating challenging situations, and the successful habits kids need to activate passion and purpose within themselves—all through the trusted, authentic relationships student-athletes are well-suited to make with kids in their communities.

Ready to give students the opportunity to get inspired in a whole new way? Let’s talk about partnering.

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Mental health organizations

Like other organizations focused on protecting and promoting mental health, we believe mental wellness is both fundamental and in crisis. We partner with other mental health organizations to address mental health challenges among student-athletes—a population that has quietly suffered under the immense weight of packed schedules, academic pressure, high expectations, social challenges amplified by the pandemic, performance anxiety, and other stressors.

We partner with organizations to help address these issues by offering deeply fulfilling mentorship and life skills opportunities to student-mentors in their local communities. If you’re an organization that works with student-athletes struggling with mental health, consider partnering with us to bring this unique opportunity to them. We can integrate mentorship opportunities into your existing support infrastructure to provide your student-athletes with a way to enhance their mental well-being through deeply fulfilling service.

Interested in giving your athletes—and kids—the opportunity, tools, and resources they need to navigate mental health challenges? Let’s talk about partnering.

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Life-skill training organizations

There are plenty of life-skills training organizations that focus on helping kids learn about different aspects of life, from finances to healthy eating to communication skills. But these programs often struggle with one of the most important components: accessing mentors who are accessible, trustworthy, and willing to offer guidance.

We partner with life-skills organizations to provide them with student-athletes mentors for their kids. Our mentors are positive role models who can serve as trusted guides—delivering life skills curricula and training through one-on-one interactions. Skills training is contextualized through the mentors’ real-life stories of struggles and comebacks—triumphs and failures—and how they were able to overcome the obstacles in their lives with hard work and determination.

Interested in partnering to enhance your life-skills training program through student-athlete mentorship? Let’s talk about partnering.

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Strategic partners

We partner with various non-profit organizations looking to add student-athlete mentorship to their existing youth engagement programs or better coordinate and expand their own mentorship programs with the help of a third-party organizer.

We help organizations like United Way keep their agencies front and center—giving them greater exposure in high-need areas while taking on the logistical work of coordinating between stakeholders to plan and execute mentorship events within local communities.

Looking to turn on a mentorship component or take your existing program to the next level? Let’s talk about partnering.

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Corporate Sponsors

We help our corporate partners build stronger communities and create pathways to career development for local youth through convenient, high-impact sponsorship opportunities.

As your youth mentorship partner, we will help you directly support student-athletes making a real difference for young people and schools in your community—helping you reach your objectives for social and community impact. 

Interested in getting involved in your community through a convenient mentor sponsorship program? Let’s talk about partnering.

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Ready to be the change our communities deserve?

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