Milotso for Student-Athletes

Maximize your platform and make a lifelong impact on yourself and others as a youth mentor.

Mentoring as a student-athlete gives you the opportunity to grow as a leader both on and off the court. We coordinate all the moving parts of mentorship so you can concentrate on your season—and personal and professional growth—for both you and your mentees.

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Join other student-athletes realizing their full potential by making a difference in their communities

Student-athletes deserve more opportunities to make a lasting impact in their communities. We give you exactly that: a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow your leadership skills, build your resume and make an immediate impact in the lives of others.

Our program was created by current and former student-athletes who wanted to push their platforms—and passions—to new levels. We understand the realities of student-athletes' lives and crafted a program that makes it easy to make a difference on a busy schedule.

Rather than a one-time volunteer opportunity with limited impact, our program includes multiple touchpoints that conveniently fit into your schedule and cultivate real relationships between mentors and mentees, all without getting in the way of your season. 

There’s no mentorship experience required; our program gives you all the training and guidance you need to confidently navigate your roles as a mentor.

From mentee to mentor, the honor of teaching is a gift that never stops giving. And Milotso’s impact goes both ways. Kids receive immense value from mentors, but our mentors receive just as much in return as they gain powerful new perspectives, promote psychological fitness through deeply fulfilling service, and set themselves up for a successful next chapter in life with an outstanding addition to their resume.

With just 2% of NCAA student-athletes drafted to professional teams (according to the NCAA fact-sheet), we’re committed to helping the other 98% successfully pursue alternate professional careers. Simply put, our goal is to create positive change in our communities by offering opportunities for athletes and kids to connect productively.

We work with:

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Athletic Directors

looking for high-impact community outreach opportunities.

College Coaches

looking for innovative ways to attract high-character athletes, boost game attendance, and eliminate the logistics of coordinating program management.

Collegiate and Professional Athletes

looking for opportunities to become a mentor and maximize their impact.

We work with:

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Collegiate and Professional Athletes

looking for opportunities to become a mentor and maximize their impact.

College Coaches

looking for innovative ways to attract high-character athletes, boost game attendance, and eliminate the logistics of coordinating program management.

Athletic Directors

looking for high-impact community outreach opportunities.

Here’s what we offer:

Plug-and-Play Mentorship

Becoming a mentor can seem daunting. We give you everything you need to succeed through a convenient, turnkey program. Milotso is perfect for first-time mentors.

Schedule-Friendly Structure

Athletic departments need a program built to deliver maximum impact on a tight schedule. Milotso requires minimal coordination between stakeholders such as coaches, athletic directors, and others.

Established Partnerships
(and the Ability to Enhance Your Own)

Immediately tap into our network of partnerships empowering student-athletes to make an impact in multiple ways while enhancing any existing partnerships you already have. Milotso doesn’t replace your current partnerships—it strengthens them while connecting you to even more, all through a seamlessly coordinated program.

Real Relationships

Consistency is a key ingredient in building meaningful relationships through mentorship. It’s also one of the hardest things to achieve. We make it easy for student-athletes to stay connected over the period of a year and form real relationships with those they impact.

Meet our partners:

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The benefits for student-athletes

Maximize your platform to make a real difference

Enhance your mental wellness through deeply fulfilling service

Create meaningful relationships over time

Connect with a diverse group of local youth seeking guidance and inspiration

Develop yourself as a leader while helping others

Build your resume

Develop skills, including leadership, empathy, teamwork, and growth mindset

We give you a unique opportunity to represent not only yourself as an individual, but your team, athletic departments, and university by developing critical leadership skills that help you reach your highest potential. Milotso mentors dream bigger and maximize their impact. By interacting with a diverse group of mentees, you gain a broader perspective and a greater sense of empathy—the things that make great leaders after graduation.

Host team-building activities

Even simple team-building activities—like mentors filling backpacks for young students—provide kids with a strong start to the year that can motivate them to stay committed to their own success. Events like this, where student-athletes participate in activities together outside of practice and school, build a much-needed sense of team camaraderie and inspiration.

Provide convenient and time-efficient service opportunities

Our program director will help your team partner with local organizations already working with Milotso and build new relationships with organizations that are a great fit. We’ll then create a schedule for volunteer opportunities that work around your season and your team's unique needs.

Offer opportunities to drive long-term change in the community

Our partnership and volunteer opportunities are designed to build relationships between mentors and deliver meaningful education and inspiration. Activities are scheduled on a monthly basis with a heavy emphasis on events and relationship-building during the off-season. During the season, activities will be focused on creating regular contact with mentees via game or event attendance.

Milotso mentors get to help shape the next generation. It's a great opportunity to use the platform you've been given as an athlete to help kids develop into great people. Our athletes often come away finding mentorship to be one of the most fulfilling things they did as an athlete—and we want to bring that opportunity to many more athletes looking to make an impact.”

— Tom Foti, Co-Founder of Milotso

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Meet a few Milotso mentors

Milotso attracts driven, ambitious athletes that are looking to take leadership to a whole new level.


Marquette University


Marquette University


Marquette University

Are you ready to:

Use your platform as a student-athlete to serve the greater good?

Develop yourself in a whole new way while helping others?

Make the kind of impact that you—and those you help—will never forget?

Be the mentor you may have never had?


Making an impact with Milotso is as easy as…


Get in touch

Ready to learn more about becoming a mentor or bringing Milotso to your school? The first step is simple: just reach out. Once you submit an inquiry, a Milotso team member will be in touch with you within 3 days to chat about how you’d like to get involved and answer any questions you may have for us.


Get matched with opportunities

We’ll happily match you with groups in the community in need of mentors or help you bring Milotso to your team or athletic department.


Schedule and train

The Milotso team will propose a volunteer schedule based on your in- and out-of-season needs throughout the year. You’ll get signed up for a 1.5 hour training session to prepare to build successful relationships with mentees and provide them with the tools they need to handle challenging situations. 


Go time!

Once scheduling and training is complete, the Milotso team will help support your relationship with the community based program as needed.

“Milotso has allowed me to form meaningful relationships with my teammates and those in the community. I’m grateful to be part of a program so unique, and share my love for volleyball with others.”

— Carsen (Current Student-Athlete)

Ready to be the change our communities deserve?

Let’s talk about how we can help you unlock your full potential as a mentor. Use the form below to connect with the Milotso program director and get the conversation started.

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