Empowering student-athletes to make a greater impact on and off the court.

A turnkey mentorship and life skills program for ambitious college coaches and student-athletes.

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What is Milotso?

Milotso is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides a bridge for student-athletes to make a difference in the lives of youth in their communities. We offer mentorship, build life skills, and emphasize the importance of mental health and physical wellness. We implement strategies that inspire confidence and empower kids to reach their full potential through a program built specifically for busy student-athletes.

We work with:

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Athletic Directors

looking for high-impact community outreach opportunities.

College Coaches

looking for innovative ways to attract high-character athletes, boost game attendance, and eliminate the logistics of coordinating program management.

Collegiate and Professional Athletes

looking for opportunities to become a mentor and maximize their impact.

Meaning of the name: Milotso


Originally established in Milwaukee.


We aspire to create lots of impact…


so that kids can reach their potential.

What we believe—and what we do

We believe in the power of the athlete platform and that meaningful shared experiences create a positive impact for both athletes and kids. Athletes have a natural drive to push themselves and others to succeed, and we’re building a world where athletes can recognize their untapped potential to make a difference in the lives of kids by imparting the skills and mindsets kids need to succeed. Simply put, we’re creating positive change in our communities by offering new opportunities for athletes and kids to connect and achieve more together.

The need for change by the numbers


of Gen-Z find community involvement key to their identity.*

Campus-community partnerships

enhance a higher education institution's ability to cultivate leadership, promote civic engagement, and provide service opportunities that enable students to positively affect their local communities.

*Statistic source: Irregular Labs

Meaningful mentorship can change the trajectory of a kid’s life.

We know athletes, coaches, and their athletic departments want to make a positive difference in their communities, but often don’t know how to turn that energy into action.

That’s why we created a convenient service program that connects collegiate and professional athletes with kids in their communities. Milotso athletes intend to deliver life-changing mentorship in collaboration with our partners while building a deeper relationship between colleges and their communities.

Mentorship can help

The Milotso Service Program

The Milotso Service Program changes the way athletes connect with youth in their area by creating a new paradigm for sustainable community service.

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The program facilitates direct, meaningful, ongoing connections between collegiate and professional athletes and youth in their communities through a few key activities:

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Developing critical life skills, including leadership, empathy, teamwork, and a growth mindset.

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Hosting powerful team-building activities.

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Providing convenient, time-efficient service opportunities.

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Offering unique opportunities to drive long-term change within local communities.

Athletes focus on teaching kids foundational life and leadership skills through a series of shared experiences, including attending athletic events. One of the goals of the program is to increase attendance at university athletic events by facilitating these meaningful relationships with kids and their families. The sequence of the program typically begins in a team’s offseason and continues throughout the duration of their season. Our vision is to scale Milotso across urban markets and partner with school systems and organizations like United Way to maximize impact.

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Skill Development

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Connection at Games

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Sustained Relationships

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Foundational skills

Our program emphasizes core skills and attitudes like responsibility, respect, and resourcefulness. Mentors demonstrate the importance of showing up on time consistently, completing homework on time, and the power of good habits. Kids also learn about being proactively inclusive, respecting people and property, and how to be a problem-solver.

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Leadership skills

Leadership is a major focus of our program. Mentors teach mentees that healthy relationships take work. Kids also learn how good decision-making is key to a bright future and how a service mentality can make anyone a strong leader. Mentees get instruction on healthy living, making good friends, and leading by lifting others up.

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Life-long skills

Our mentees emerge from Milotso with practical skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives. Mentors and Milotso partners can teach the importance of good communication skills, like making proper introductions, being comfortable meeting older people, and interacting with people of diverse backgrounds.

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Meet our partners:

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“Milotso has allowed me to form meaningful relationships with my teammates and those in the community. I’m grateful to be part of a program so unique, and share my love for volleyball with others.”

— Carsen (Current Student-Athlete)

Let's work together to:

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Maximize student-athletes’ potential.

Elevate the influential platform of the student-athlete to a whole new level by giving them high-impact opportunities to make a positive difference in their communities.

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Improve the trajectory of kids’ lives.

Give kids the critical skills and relationships they can take with them to live a happier, more fulfilling life—wherever life takes them.

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Create thriving communities.

Make a positive impact on the world and follow through by channeling your energy toward a common goal: making the world a better place.

How it Works

Making an impact with Milotso is as easy as…


Get in touch

The first step is simple: just reach out. We’ll discuss your goals and help you find a way to make a difference with Milotso.


Get involved

There are many ways to get involved with our dynamic program. Become a mentor, bring Milotso to your school, or partner with us. We’ll plan and execute a program with you.


Make a difference

We all flourish individually and as communities when we invest in our next generation. Miltoso lets you make life-shaping impact.

Ready to be the change our communities deserve?

Let’s talk about how we can help you make a meaningful impact where it matters most. Use the form below to let us know you’d like to connect with our program director and start the conversation.

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“I run an outreach program, too—can we partner with you?”

Absolutely! Let’s talk about working together toward a common goal.

“I’d like to support your mission with a donation—can I help Milotso make a difference?”

Of course, and thank you. With a charitable donation, you are enabling us to work with athletes to help them ignite their passion, elevate their platform, and make an impact. Visit our donation page to help us achieve our mission.